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Check out Honda Tuning, July 06' issue for a Tech article (Cool Combos) and September 06' issue for the spread!

Check back often, for additional ground breaking modifications. I refuse to skimp on any of my projects. Each one is carefully thought out and executed the best way possible. It takes time, I have nothing other than my own impatience holding me back. I've built a car to drive out in the real world. I don't drive a gutted out tin can, half done, rusty, primmer, two tone, big spoiler beater. No flashy stickers, fire extinguishers, or other pointless modifications here. This is a full blow n mint early 90's FWD Luxury sedan and the interior/exterior embodies that brand. with a sporty, serious and aggressive side only reserved for the few that see it in person. I pride myself in this niche hobby, its a niche because most people look past this vehicle, I cant. I set out a goal a long time ago.  I aim to reach it, and will.

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Gallery of Recent Modifications


                                                                                           AEM EMS Powered!                                                                                       

                                                                                                                                                                  Current Power Figures:

      All to the Wheels!

                                                   616WHP@18PSI Turbo 10/11                                  

        234WHP@5700RPM - 229LB-FT@4600RPM N/A 7/07





Old Performance Products that will never be made again.



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